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February: Bad Month, Good Month

February 28, 2011


What a month this has been.  Weather-wise, this February has been like many previous Februarys, only more so, in most places around the states.  It’s a short little month, but that doesn’t stop February from packing quite a punch sometimes.  And like always, people where I live are pretty much fed up with winter.  Okay, so they were fed up with winter in January, but February certainly hasn’t helped matters any!

On top of the weather, February has been a tough month personally because I’ve been sick.  I caught a stomach bug to start with, and then got hit with a nasty head cold just as I thought I was going to be back to normal.  Three weeks after originally getting sick, I’m finally pushing the last of the congestion and coughing out the door.  Just say I’d like to start fresh with the new month tomorrow!

So, I’m sure you’re asking yourselves, I thought she said there was something good about this month? I did, and there was.  Believe it or not, the month of February 2011 has been the blog’s busiest month since I started writing.  It tops July 2010 by several “hits.”  Although I’m not writing this blog for the traffic, else I’d write more often and on more popular topics, it’s always nice to see that people have been reading my posts.

Another good thing about this month is that I’ve been doing a book study with a friend of mine on Major W. Ian Thomas’s The Saving Life of Christ.  While we’re only through a couple of chapters, I’ve been enjoying the book and the discussions very much.  Whether you are a Christian or not, this book will challenge you to live as you’ve never been challenged to live before.  I say this as a young woman who’s been a Christian for 3/4 of her life and grown up in a home where Christ is preeminent; I’ve been challenged and spurred to a deeper relationship with God, and I’ve only read the first three chapters!

So, despite weather and sickness, February has been a good month for relationships of all kinds.  I just hope March brings more of the same.  The relationship builders, I mean!  The sickness I can do without, and I do hope the weather grows milder, for all of us.  Still, “we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28, KJV).  ALL things, not just the “good” ones, but also the “bad” (from our perspective).  God uses everything in our lives to shape us into the living gems for his crown, so I am content knowing that he knows what is best for me and for all of you.   I’m so glad to serve such a wonderful God!


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