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So Talented?

June 29, 2010

After hearing about some of my hobbies, some of you might be thinking that I’m “so talented.”  I’ve heard that line before, from people who didn’t even know about all of the different things I do.  My reaction to that is, “I don’t have the corner on creativity.  Whether you choose to do all the crafts, etc., that I do or whether you do other things, you can use the creativity and skills that God has given you to make beautiful things.”  Besides, there are a lot of things that I have tried, and a lot more that I haven’t, at which I’m not talented at all.

For instance, I’ve dabbled in sculpture, beading, and floral arranging.  I liked some of them, but I never pursued them very far.  My sister sculpts, and she does paper twirling (also called quilling).  3G and my dad both like to carve scale models of airplanes.  My mother likes to design quilts (and yes, she’s good at making them too!).  Other people are good at baking, cooking, gardening, leather-work, building, fixing, tinkering, acting, or debating, among many other things.   Some people make a hobby of knowing everything there is to know about a particular subject, like World War 1, or architecture. 

I call to mind the parable Jesus told of the man who left his three servants and went on a trip.  He gave one servant five shares of his goods, a second servant he gave two, and to the third he gave one.  The master knew his servants well, so he gave them shares according to their abilities.  When he returned, the master called all the servants together to give an accounting.  You’ll remember how the story goes, the servants with five and two shares had each doubled their shares, but the servant who had been given only one share had done nothing with his.

The emphasis in the story is not on how much each was given, but what he did with it.  You may have only one talent, one thing that you are good at, but you can still use it to the best of your ability, you can still glorify God in the pursuit of that hobby or talent.  Maybe you have to think long and hard to come up with your talent, maybe you can dash off a list off the top of your head; the point is not the talent you have, but what you do with them.  Are you using your talents for your own benefit or pleasure?  For your own praise?  Or are you using them to help others and glorify God?

Maybe you are great at organizing things.  Perhaps you are good at seeing the big picture when others get caught up in the details.  Or maybe you are good with pets, children, or the elderly.  There are a host of different talents that each one of us has, many that we don’t necessarily recognize as such, but all of which we can be using to point others to God.

Now I’ll ask you, what’s your talent or hobby?  How are you putting that to good use in God’s kingdom?


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