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Wait, which left? Ohh, Leftwich!

February 5, 2011

Like bluegrass music?  How about fiddles that sing, dance, and tap your foot for you?  I happen to like bluegrass, especially bluegrass gospel, and in my exploration of the genre came across a guy named Ricky Skaggs, who’s an awesome musician (that’s got to be the understatement of the month) and a Christian to boot.  I saw him playing with the Boston Pops some time back, and I fell in love with the style of Kentucky Thunder (his band).  Most of all, I found a weakness for a well-played fiddle.  And who do you think was playing that fiddle?  A young man named Andy Leftwich.

I have other musical likes as well, but recently I’ve been listening to my bluegrass CDs again, and I remembered how much I enjoy hearing fiddle music.  Since there is no chance I’m learning to play fiddle myself, I’m thinking I’ll have to get myself a copy of Andy’s solo album, Ride.

Andy doesn’t just play fiddle, as you can see in the photo.  He also plays the mandolin and the guitar — quite the talented musician!  I encourage you to check out these YouTube videos of Andy, Cody Kilby, and Byron House: Shark Tooth and Shining Water.

I sometimes admit to fiddling around, but Andy does a whole different kind of fiddling around, and he’s a lot better at it!


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