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Take That, Gravity!

August 25, 2011

My brothers are pretty talented, but until I never knew how talented until they called me across the hall to see this.  They often play games like Monopoly or Life using their stuffed animals (more chances to win!), and on this particular day, one of the animals had chosen the horse and rider for his marker . . .

And during the course of the game it decided to stand on the edge of its pedestal!  Of course, I had to get my camera before it overbalanced!  I really needn’t have worried, though.

The piece stayed like that while we went and fetched Sister to see it.  3G might have been able to explain why it was sitting like this, but he was at work and missed it.  After I had all the angles I wanted, we tried to see if anyone could repeat the feat, but nobody could quite get it to balance again.  We’re still not certain whether there was a slightly sticky spot on the board, a small dent that it was sitting in, or if the piece just balanced this way.  The twin who set it down certainly wasn’t trying to make it do this!


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