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Which Shelf Are You On?

February 25, 2014

At some point during the last year, my husband told me a story very similar to the one I told in my last post, and told me that he was the little boy who had let his father choose.  I was the wife off the top shelf.  Of course, I countered that he was on the top shelf himself, so how come he hadn’t seen me!

As a follow up to that post, here’s the flip side.  Which shelf are you on?

Are you a person worth putting on the top shelf?  One of my most viewed posts is Are You a Woman Worth Waiting For? which I wrote back in 2011.  I talked then about focus and preparation, focusing on God’s plan for you right now and preparing for the future He’s planning for you later.  Those things are valid for both men and women as we wait for the spouse God has planned for us.  Whether you’re 15, 25, or 45, you can be focused on God and preparing for the future He is bringing you.

I value the fact that my husband didn’t go wife-hunting, dating every girl who came along.  He’d been out of college for three years before he met me – plenty of time to have given up on God ever bringing someone along and have gone looking himself.  But he didn’t.  He just kept doing the work that God put in front of him, and in His time, God brought me to that church and introduced us.

And because Sir K had waited patiently while preparing for having a wife and family, he already had a steady job, had bought a house, and had paid off his student loans before asking me to marry him.  Many young couples do not have this opportunity, some because God wanted them to take another path, others because they rushed ahead with their own plans before they were ready.

Are you willing to wait?  To be “on the shelf” for a few years?  To focus on God’s plan instead of your own?  To prepare for the future instead of just wishing it would get here sooner?  If you want a “top shelf” spouse, then start thinking how to be worthy of that person first, and let God take care of getting them to you.  Then when God brings that “top shelf” person along, they will also see something “top shelf” about you.


Another Day, Another Year

December 31, 2011

Well, so this is it.  The end of another year.  The beginning of a new one.  Another year to live, move, and have our being in God.  Another year to learn of His fullness and faithfulness.  Another year to learn how feeble our own efforts are.

What is it about a new year that makes everyone want to come up with resolutions, plans, etc, more than any other time?  Well, I guess it’s understandable.  I tend to choose my birthday as a point for review, but if you want to use the new year that’s fine.  I think people may use the new year as a time to turn a fresh page, so to speak, in their copy book (there’s an old allusion for you).  The hope is that we can make each new year better than the last, meaning less mistakes, less blots on the page, less heartache, and more good memories, good deeds, and joy.

Personally, I think the New Year’s resolutions are a faulty method to achieve the goal.  Resolutions focus on what we are doing or not doing.  But we are not the point of this life.  Instead of focusing on ourselves, what if we all made this New Year’s about a closer look at GodHe is the point of each new year, each new day, each hour, each minute.

And I think if we truly focused on Him in whom we find our life, breath, and being, we would find those mistakes lessening, heartaches easing, good memories abounding, good deeds flowing naturally, and joy springing up like a fountain from the depths!  What we could never achieve through our own efforts suddenly becomes effortless when God is doing it in us.

So that is my challenge to you this New Year’s Eve.

Forget the resolutions.

Focus on the Father, trusting Him to work all good things within you.

Have a Faith filled New Year!

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