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Write Me A Story

May 31, 2010

Continuing with my series on my hobbies, I’ve now come to one of my favorite pastimes: writing.  As I think I’ve already mentioned, I did not like writing especially well during elementary, but I did learn some good habits which have paid off in college writing.  Those same habits also come in handy when I write fiction.

I’ve told you that my sister likes to write (sometimes she even likes to write with me).  She and I sometimes shake our heads and laugh because around the same time that she started writing stories and some short pieces (only a couple of years ago), I also got the urge and started writing short stories of my own.

I started with an adaptation of the story of Ruth (which, by the way, needs some revisions – something else on my long-range to-do list), and then my imagination started branching out and coming up with all kinds of interesting plots.  I laugh at some of my earlier stories because several of them have very similar plots or settings.  Still, I have written a couple of things that I never would have imagined myself writing.

For instance, after all the trouble I had in school with writing stories, who would have thought that I would write a story nearly 50,000 words long?  I was never into science fiction either, but I’ve also written a short story about a planet in another galaxy where I made up everything from the names in the specific planetary system to the modes of travel (some of which sound high-tech, and some of which sound almost mystical).  Not exactly sci-fi, but closer to it than I would ever have guessed that I would write!  What’s more, I may have left enough loose ends for a sequel.

In addition to my stories, I write a little poetry.  You’ve seen some of it on the blog already, such as it is.  I sometimes write a poem as a gift for someone, sometimes to express my feelings on a tough topic, and sometimes because my thoughts don’t come in complete sentences.  On a few occasions, I have tried putting my poems to music; other times I’ll just write lyrics that aren’t necessarily poetry, but that’s a story for another post.

I’d have to say that writing is definitely a hobby of mine.  I will sometimes even write out my thoughts on a topic in order to get my thoughts organized.  Someone will ask a question on which I don’t have a well thought out answer, and I’ll go digging for answers and end up writing an essay! 

I have several pages of unused story ideas that I would like to write about.  That’s in contrast to my sister, who wants to be published; she has pages on pages of ideas, cool phrases, intriguing names, and eye-catching titles.  I try to make my fiction interesting and well written, but unlike my sister, I don’t often spend a lot of time ironing out details and editing my stories.  Most of my stories are for self-expression, and I write for the fun of it.  Not that taking a story to it’s best isn’t fun, but it does take a bit more time than I always have to spend on a hobby. 

The exception might be my novel, for which I wrote up plot notes that ran to over a dozen single-spaced, typed pages when printed out.  That’s besides all the background notes I had on each character and some of the curious elements in that story.  I didn’t want to forget anything and leave it out!  Besides, someday I would also like to write the sequel to this one as well . . .



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