My Favorite Curriculum

My mom never used one curriculum exclusively; instead she pulled from many different methods to teach each child.  This eclectic approach seems to have worked, and it has resulted in my familiarity with many curricula that aren’t necessarily very well known, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you.


I posted some time ago that I didn’t like math to begin with (see post here), but I got to liking it in highschool, and these are the texts I used then.  I’ll also note that I did use Saxon math for one year; we cut out half the repeticious exercises and I still disliked it thoroughly.  I much prefer Harold Jacobs’ style!  Harold Jacobs does not have a trig or calculus book out yet (maybe he’ll write them by the time I’m teaching highschool . . .), but he recommends Foerster’s books, and they were pretty good, though not as good as Jacobs’ work.

Harold Jacobs
Mathematics: A Human Endeavor

Paul Foerster
Algebra and Trigonometry (note: I used did this book in 2 semesters, but it’s meant to be done in 3)

We also enjoyed
— Exploring the World of Mathematics (John Tiner)
— Mathematicians Are People Too (Luetta and Wilbert Reimer)


Janie B. Cheaney
Wordsmith Apprentice
Wordsmith Craftsman

Frode Jensen
Jensen’s Grammar
Jensen’s Punctuation


We tended to use library books, a lot of them biographies and historical fiction, for this subject.  We also used

The Greenleaf Guide(s) to
Old Testament History
Ancient Egypt
Famous Men of Greece
Famous Men of Rome
The Middle Ages
–I didn’t use any of the later ones, but Mom is using them with my youngest brothers now.  We would use the Greenleaf guides as our main texts and borrow books from the library on the men it covered.

Exploring Planet Earth by John Tiner.  Tiner’s other books deal with Science and are listed in that section, but this one covers the explorers, from the ancients to the astronauts.

Around the World in A Hundred Years by Jean Fritz covers the age of discovery from Henry the Navigator to Magellan.

All Through The Ages A resource book listing books on all the periods of history, separated by grade level.  I liked leafing through to find interesting looking books . . . and then getting to read them for school!


John Tiner
–Exploring the World of Chemistry
–Exploring the World of Physics
–Exploring the History of Medicine
–Exploring the World Around You


Dr. Paul Brand & Phillip Yancey
Fearfully & Wonderfully Made
In His Image

As with my favorite books, this will have to do for a good start, and I’ll be back to add more.  I’ll have to consult our curriculum library to make sure I get all these titles right!


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