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We Laughed Too

August 21, 2013

. . . I remember the moms of one or two kids, eyes like saucers as we passed them in the grocery store, asking one of two questions: 1 Are they all yours? 2 How do you do it? And Mom laughed. . . .

Phylicia’s post sounded some echos from my own past, so go have a read!

I remember those days, when my own mother would be shopping in the grocery store or the mall, five little munchkins trailing behind.  “Are they all yours” was a common question, at least until people were more distracted by “are they twins?”  The answer to both questions was yes, so at least that was easy…

My siblings and I span ten years from oldest (me) to youngest.  I know that helped a little, since some of us were able to be a significant amount of help when the last two came along.  I know I can’t fully appreciate all the work that went into raising five children, at least not yet, but I know that it was worth it!

We laughed too.  Some days it was little more than a smile, but we laughed.  We sang, we played games, we read books, and we laughed.

Phylicia is right, there is a joy and a peace that transcend circumstances, whether there are five kids, six kids, two kids, or none.  We can encourage it, or we can smother it, so look for the ways that God is blessing your family and point them out.  Rejoice in the family you’ve been given.

And build for the future.  Your future home, your children’s future homes, your future home in heaven.  Rejoice, for the Lord is come.


I Like Him. Now What?

July 20, 2013

“So… I like someone.”

The email in my inbox encapsulated the glorious confusion of first feelings.

Waiting for him to talk to you at church.

Hoping he glances your way.

Wishing you could find an excuse to say something.

Read the rest  of Phylicia’s post – I Like Him. Now What?.

From another Quill – Why Don’t I Have a Boyfriend?

May 7, 2013

I couldn’t wait for the day that guy would walk out of my favorite country song and into my life.

Then came disappointment. Shattered expectations. Uncertainty. Frustration. Bitterness. And ultimately, a calloused heart.

By the time I was 21, it was, Forget this! ‘Love’ is too full of failure for me to waste time waiting anymore. I’m a good girl, I deserve a good man. What is the problem here?

Read the rest of Phylicia’s post here: Why Don’t I Have a Boyfriend?.

solomon’s ledger: the strongest desire

January 15, 2013

“…if we can choose something else over our strongest desires, were they truly our strongest desires, or was the “something else” our strongest desire all along?”

Read the rest here: solomon’s ledger: the strongest desire.

How to Choose a Husband

January 2, 2013

I have been truly blessed by the writings of one Phylicia over at A Quill and Inkwell, and this post brought a smile.  My thoughts are similar to Phylicia’s, and like her, it’s not often that I find someone outside the family who shares them!  Since several of my most popular posts from this year were on relationships and marriage, I wanted to share…

How to Choose a Husband.

Living at Home

October 6, 2012

I’ve been blessed by the ministry of Rachel Starr Thompson in several ways, but most especially by her writings for singles. In the article I’ve linked below, she explores her reasons for staying at home during her single years.  Although my family is significantly smaller than hers, I still benefit from the same things that she does; for instance, instead of spending my money on rent and such, I have been able to save my money for bigger things, like buying my own car.

In her words:

We’re not here because we’re scared of the real world, lack ambition, or just can’t make it out there. Rather, we’ve discovered that living at home is an excellent way to lay a foundation for the rest of our lives. We’re doing our best to take advantage of it.

Read the rest here: 20-Something Reasons to Live at Home.

WDJD? – from Rachel Starr Thompson

June 30, 2012

After my attempts to put life in shoe leather recently, I find that Rachel Starr Thompson has done a better job with it.

… Back in my teen years, “What would Jesus do?” was the catchphrase that identified the in-crowds of young Christendom. We wore “WWJD?” on our wrists, around our necks, and on our backpacks. But I never confessed how much the question frustrated me. … read the rest at Boundless Webzine.

I have to agree with Rachel.  The question of what Jesus did is much more helpful than the question of what He would do.  It’s much easier to imitate what we know He did than first to imagine what His response today would be and then to imitate the imagination.

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