My Family

Here is a little introduction to my family.  I mention them sometimes in posts, so this can be a sort of reference for you to consult if you don’t already know us.  The names have been modified/disguised to protect the innocent, and relationships are used wherever possible.

Dad, a wonderful Bible teacher as well as mechanical engineer.  We children got our musical talents from him.  I cannot say enough how awesome, dependable, fun, awesome, handy, talented, awesome, smart, and hilarious my dad is.  By the way, did I mention that he is Awesome?!  We say that I resemble him, but while looks are inheritable, character and skills take time to build, so it will take me some time to earn that list of credentials!

Mom, a homeschool genius.  Parent, teacher, guidance counselor, homekeeper, care-giver, hostess, and friend are just a few of her many roles.  What do you write about a mother that has not already been said?  Mine is up there with the best of them, and my words for her are Amazing and Balanced (insider joke).

3G graduated highschool in ’09 and went to college.  I used to call him my little brother, but he kind of out grew that.  I call him my big-little brother now that he’s three inches taller than me.  Multifaceted and multi-talented, he is at an engineering school (with a decent music program), now doing graduate work and expecting to have his masters this spring.

Sister and I get taken for twins, but as I like to say, there are four years and a sibling between us.  Her hobbies are reading, writing, and quilling (aka paper-twirling).  She is the best little sister I have, and we like to collaborate on projects and have long conversations about everything under the sun.  She’s now at a college not too far away from home, majoring in English and History, with the goal of someday being a children’s author.  I’m looking forward to reading her books to my own kids some day!

TJ and BP are twins in ninth grade.  I sometimes find it hard to believe that they are now older than I was when they were born.  TJ likes to read history, and BP likes computer programming.  They both like to play games, build with K’nex, and read everything from the almanac to the encyclopedia, and they now rival 3G in their eating habits.

In addition (literally), my dad’s parents have an apartment on the back of our house.  Grandpa and Grandma like to watch the grandkids run around the backyard and enjoy not having to mow the lawn or shovel the driveway.  Hmm, wonder who does that . . .?

Last but not least, I should mention the furry member of our household, our beagle.  Her nicknames are abundant, so I will not give her a new one.  Instead, I will just stick to my favorite, Mutzy.  Mutzy is our second dog, and she is over 10 years old, but she still thinks she’s a puppy sometimes . . . until her arthritis kicks in.  Our first dog was a Jack Russell mix, black except for a white patch beneath her chin.  I will refer to her as the Terrier.

Although the nomenclature makes it pretty easy to guess, I will add mention here of the most recent addition to my family – Sir K.  Although we have treated him as a brother for some time, he has now taken a formal place in our family as the husband of yours truly.  And yes, he’s definitely my knight in shining armor…but he has to find the dragons to slay elsewhere!  He’s a wonderful guy, and an engineer – this apple didn’t fall too far from the tree in her choice of a husband!  I now obviously have two families, so when I begin referring to Sir K’s family, I will add them to this reference.

Originally published March 2010, last revised December 2013.


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