Are You Ready to Let Go?

Today started like any normal Sunday.  I was up and ready in good time to make it to church early with the rest of the worship team for warm-up.  Worship went smoothly, and the congregation settled in to the sermon.  We had one of our missionaries in town, so we were eager to hear how his ministry was going.  He took us through a brief slideshow of pictures from his mission field, and we were all ears.

Then he began to share what the Lord had been speaking to him during this last term.  The message he brought back to us was one very pertinent for American Christians, and the church at large.

In his particular field, the natives generally follow animism.  They make offerings and prayers to the spirits of the rocks and trees around them, hoping that by so doing they will win favor and help.  This missionary shared with us that in his own life and in that of the church, we have strayed to this kind of thinking.  We understand the cross was used to save us, but then we live as if after salvation, everything is based on what we do.  We think that we win favor and blessing by our good acts.

That is not what scripture teaches.  We can do nothing that God needs, and therefore anything He sends is not in response to anything we can offer.  Acts 17: 22-31 contains Paul’s sermon on Mars’ Hill.  In it, Paul expounds on this idea.  We cannot merit God’s favor.  We can only serve Him because as God He is worthy of our service.  His blessings are not tied to our behavior, but flow from God’s grace and goodness towards us.

So the question for the day is, are you ready to let go?  Are you trying to live the Christian life, and by so doing earn a place in Heaven?  Earn a good life?  Earn health and prosperity?  Earn favor with God and men?  Or have you let go of doing and embraced service?

The gospel is not about you.  The good news is about Christ.  He paid the debt.  He transforms us into His own likeness.  He glorifies Himself through us.  As we serve Him, growing in the knowledge of His love, He is able to use us mightily.

It’s all about Christ.

Let’s leave it that way.

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