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Forever and Ever, Amen.

March 6, 2013

Okay, okay, so you’re all getting impatient with my lack of posting by now.  All of you, that is, except those readers who have been through this time themselves (and isn’t it the time of your life!) and know how little time a Best Friend leaves for anything else.  I thought I was going to call this post “This is why I never wanted a boyfriend,” and I may yet write that post, but I decided that tonight I want to share a video.  Sister sent me the link many months ago, perhaps over a year ago, and we have both enjoyed it very much.  Now, it has special significance for me…so enjoy.

Sir K and I will be embarking on our “forever and ever” this summer, so be prepared to wait a little longer between posts for a few months while we get a wedding planned!


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