Three Years Later…

Three years.  Yep, I’ve been blogging just that long.  As of today, in fact.

What started out as a college assignment has grown into a continuing pastime.  I enjoy sharing my thoughts here, and getting the occasional feedback from readers.  Just blogging about things can help me think through them, which is good, and it’s also fun to share some stories from my childhood.

When I began this blog, I would not have guessed that I’d like it so well that I would keep it up.  But here I am, three years, 200-odd posts, and several thousand visits later, still blogging.  The journey has been good.  If I went back and read all my early posts, I would probably find plenty of things that I would say differently now, or that I would not say at all.  But that’s part of growing up, and yes, you’ve been privileged to see some of that here.

What’s to come?  Well, I’m still blogging, and I have reason to think I’ll keep on blogging for some time to come.  Someday I might create a new blog, one on which I share the tales of a second generation homeschool mom.  But for now, I’m still just a graduate from the best kind of school I know – a homeschool.

For those of my readers who are new, welcome, and have a look around.  For those who’ve been with me for a long time, thanks for the support and the feedback!  I look forward to sharing with you all in the days to come.

~Homeschool Graduate

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