Yes, that skill taught to most toddlers (which few of them would master otherwise), sharing.  It seems you never stop learning to do it.

I’ve come in for some recent lessons on sharing.  Not that I have any trouble sharing my toys, my books, or my family.  I have learned to do that pretty well.  I even share my thoughts, probably more often than people care to hear them.  But in the last few months, God has been teaching me to share His music.

I have not made much mention of my music on this blog, and I don’t intend to make a big deal of it now.  The bare fact is that I sometimes write songs, both lyrics and melodies.  As to the quality, I can’t say much, although about half of my songs never make it past the first or second listener, while others don’t make it out of my notebook.  I have a quality control check for my music – if I play it for one of my siblings and they don’t “get” it or I don’t feel like my message was communicated, then either the song needs major work or it’s not worth pursuing.

Sometimes I have a good topic and I just go about writing it the wrong way.  Sometimes, though, a song will speak to me and to those preliminary sound boards (pun semi-intentional), and I give it some time to work out the kinks.  At that point, I have been willing to play some of my work for larger audiences, such as a coffeehouse kind of setting.  But God has been showing me lately that there’s more to it than just playing my songs for people.

Because they aren’t my songs at all.

The music I write is not mine, but His, and I am beginning to understand that as such, it has to be shared with His people.  This month, we attended the Bible Conference that I’ve written about in previous years.  Now two years ago, I wrote a song that, for me, embodied everything I love about the fellowship we share at the Conference.   A couple of months ago, I realized that it was time to share the song with everyone else there.  So I emailed the conference coordinator and asked if I could sing the song at some point during the weekend.  He was very gracious in allowing me to do so.

Now, I get nervous about singing solos, and that only gets worse when I’m singing an original song.  But when I stood up to sing, I wasn’t nervous.  I can’t say I was particularly calm either, but the song came out all right anyway!   I’m  glad now that I was able to share, because although I doubt I’ll ever write anything that would hit a Top-40 list, even of Christian music, what God gives me is meant for more than just myself.

I have the privilege of living with the music, playing it over and over as I hunt for the exact wording and melody that it should have, and gaining new insights into Him with each song I write.  The least I can do is share the end result with other people, and let them glean what they may from that.

So, what is it that God has given you to do?  Perhaps you also write music, or maybe you paint, stitch, write, speak, or carve.  Maybe your talent comes in caring for people.  Probably your gift is completely different from mine, but the principle remains similar.  He means you to share Himself with others, in whatever He has given you to do.

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