Yes, it was indeed


And yes, I would recommend seeing it.

I went to the opening night live event this past Tuesday.  Kirk Cameron’s quest for the formula that made our nation great was intriguing and thought provoking.  I encourage you, if this is in theaters near you, go see it, take your friends and family, tell your church, and be ready to be challenged.

I’ll admit, I already knew better than to think that the pilgrims were these religious guys in funny black suits with tall hats.  I was homeschooled, so I’d heard the real story behind the pilgrims’ journey to the new world.  What I hadn’t connected to it was the catalyst – an English Bible in English hands.

And I had never heard of the monument.

Of course, I know exactly why this monument is not highly recognized in a society that likes to make monuments to different events and people (note all the monuments in our nation’s capital, and all the work being put into Ground Zero).  Faith has become an unacceptable answer to the world’s problems, so this monument, which stands as a legacy from the only system which works, has been largely ignored.

And I’m very afraid that many who watch this movie will completely miss the point.  I’m not even quite positive that everyone involved in Tuesday’s production got the point.  I’m convinced that many in the audience I formed a part of didn’t completely get it, as evidenced by the discussion which started at the end when the live feed experienced technical difficulties in CA.  The point is, change doesn’t start with curriculum, it doesn’t start with homeschooling or a better education system, and it doesn’t start with better lawmakers.  You can’t fix the nation’s problems by staring at a monument, nor can you change a society if a society doesn’t want to be changed.

What we need is revival.  We need citizens who have Bibles in their hands; Bibles that have been read.  Bibles that have been studied.  We need citizens who are willing to follow this guidebook.  Only then will our nation be able to move forward by going back.  Until we see widespread revival in individual hearts across the nation, we will not see a revival of our nation as a whole.

Am I surprised that this is the key to a healthy nation?  Frankly, no.  My parents have taught me this since I was small.  I knew these principles long ago.  I’ve been living them as fast and as far as I can.  My family is a “liberty family,” for we have laid the right foundation in faith and built upon it morality, justice, and education.  This is the message of the Bible, which is why it worked for the Pilgrims, and why it can work again for America, if people will only choose to go back to the bedrock on which we were founded.

I can’t say that I’m overly optimistic about Americans as a whole embracing this idea.  I’m very afraid that our Post-Modern society is going to try to put the kibosh on the whole movement.  I’m not sure but what we will encounter opposition very much like the Puritans and Separatists did before they became Pilgrims.  But that does not mean that we should adopt a defeatist attitude.  Remember, the Pilgrims weren’t daunted by the many obstacles they faced.

Whether or not the “Monumental movement” turns our country around, we need to be doing our personal best to build our own lives on faith, and seeking to share this vision with others around us.  Revival begins in the hearts of a few, and only God knows where it will end.  Is the nation ready for a revival?  I’ve heard more than one preacher recently talk about the harbingers of revival, and how they are seeing them increasing.  Ready or not, I think the nation is shortly going to see an awakening.

The question is, what part will you play?  Are you going to be sitting on the sidelines?  Or will you be found among the infantry, living out your faith in your everyday life?  Will you be dragging your feet, or will you be lending a hand to help others along?  Are you going to bury your head in the sand and ignore the whole issue, hoping it will blow over?  Or are you going to take a stand for your faith and boldly follow the Lord’s leading, be it to stay behind or to sail treacherous waters to a new land?

Are you ready for revival?

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