And the days go marching on

I love seeing how my thought processes grow in circles.  In looking over some old posts, I found this one from two years ago.  Though two years have passed, my thoughts on most of the subjects have only matured a little, not changed dramatically.

These days my work includes space for more witnessing and sharing than ever before, but I am still very much a “live your testimony through an everyday life” kind of Christian rather than a “preach on the street corners” kind of Christian.  I am working for a Christian organization now, and the atmosphere is one in which spiritual things are easily spoken of, which has blessed me greatly.  I am growing and being challenged by my coworkers now, as well as at home and in my church fellowship.

What are my thoughts as a 23-year-old?  Some would raise eyebrows because I still live with my parents – don’t you want to show some independence?  Others in another camp might question my lack of a boyfriend – I thought you said you wanted to get married and have kids, but here you are, single at 23, not dating, and starting a career.  What gives?

God has all kinds of plans for me, and I am resting in His timing right now.  No, I don’t seem to have any desire to move out, and it will be hard when the time does come to leave the home nest.  I see no reason for me to have my own place when it’s much cheaper to stay at home.  My parents are happy with the arrangement, since I still contribute to the household wherever I can.  I am learning much through being a dependent, including lessons about depending on God for everything.  The last thing I want is independence in the way that most people mean it.

To address the second question, in my early teens, I used to hope I would be like my mother, who met my father in college and got married a month after graduating.  My situation is different, my story is different, and God has other things to show me first.  I wasn’t any more ready for marriage right after graduating from college than I was ready to live on campus right after graduating from highschool.  Of course, I had a much bigger say in that earlier decision!

Holding a full-time job has been teaching me things I couldn’t have learned any other way.  Someday I will be glad to have had this experience in the workplace when I am a homeschooling mom.  I will have a reference to relate to others who are working, even after I (hopefully) shift gears to my other calling.

Am I wasting my time by working full-time in a field that isn’t related to homeschooling?  Actually, human services is very much related to homeschooling.  My family has always made a point of volunteering to help out with things, and I think it’s important for kids to grow up involved in helping others.  My position as an administrative assistant is helping to equip me for my future role as general manager of my home.  I am by no means wasting my time.  I am spending it for Christ’s work as He is teaching me things He wants me to know before I take up the high calling of wife and motherhood.  Things that might be harder to learn later.

What have I learned in these last two years?  I think the biggest thing I’m learning is contentment with God’s timetable.  I’ll probably spend a lifetime growing deeper in that knowledge, but it seems to have been a focus lately.  With my personal future so sketchy and the times around us whirling like a stage between scenes, I find it imperative that I keep my focus on the One who knows where each sparrow falls and who numbers the hairs on my head.  He alone knows how long this world can last before he comes to claim His Bride.

Are you watching for the Bridegroom?

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