What Goes Around…

My grandmother likes to watch the seasons change.  The cycles of life mean more to her now that she is approaching the eighty mark.  When my mother or I cut flowers for her kitchen, she will leave them in the vase till they are all dead and brown, watching the graceful way they die.

It’s February again, and whether that means snow, cold, rain, or just a season of brown for your particular part of the country, it’s still February.  The period after the Christmas rush when the fun part of winter is over and it’s not spring yet.


But we know that spring will come.  And we can live in that hope.  We remember past springs, which led into summers.  We have God’s promise to Noah that while the earth remains we will always have seed-time and harvest.  So no matter how grey, brown, or white the day is today, we can think forward to the greens of spring.

In the same way, it can be hard for us in these Last Days to realize that our spiritual spring is around the corner.  After 2000 years, I think many of us have gotten used to Christ not returning.  Sure, we may sing about the “Sweet By and By” when “I’ll Fly Away,” but how often do we sing with our mouths and not our hearts, singing without meaning what we say?  And how much do we realize that His coming could be tomorrow, or even today?  Do we even wish it?

I’m by no means saying we should subscribe to the theories of those like Harold Camping or to the Mayan Calendar, which try to put a date on the end of the world, but at the same time, I know that we are indeed a part of the Last Days, and we have little time left in which to shine our lights to the world.  When we look around, we see the darkness of this world, but when we look up, we can see the brightness of His heart, and the glorious eternity that is waiting.

The question is, will you allow yourself to be caught up in the present, or will you look to the eternal spring?

Will you be found among the righteous when the King of Kings returns for His own?

A new day is about to dawn.

I pray we will be ready for it.

I pray it comes soon.

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