Bible Conference

I mentioned last week that I was headed to a Bible conference over the weekend.  It’s a conference my family has been attending the last few years, although so far we haven’t been able to have all seven of us go at the same time.  The conference is for those 15 or up, so the twins couldn’t go anyway, but so far only 3 or 4 of the rest of us have made it any given year.

I love going to this conference.  Not only is there great teaching over the three days, but I have a chance to catch up in person with several friends.  One young lady in particular.

This friend, whom I’ll nickname “Elphie” after one of her favorite characters, and I got a chance to hang out a lot this year.  We shared a cabin for the two nights and generally spent the rest of our time together.  Yes, we do correspond during the rest of the year, but her schedule is often swamped and mine fluctuates between busy and calm so emailing can be tough for both of us.

Elphie has been a great encouragement to me musically.  She has a great voice herself, and two years back she was asked to help lead worship because our regular guy had lost his voice from overuse.  When she encouraged me to join in, it gave me the confidence to step up and use my voice too.  And since then, I have built my confidence bit by bit to the point where I wasn’t even nervous when Elphie and I got asked to help lead on Sunday morning.

She has also helped me brave my shyness with my own music.  I finally was able to bring my guitar to this conference and play some of my original songs for her, as well as a few of my favorites from Robin Mark and the Gettys.  Maybe next year I’ll be ready to play something of my own for the rest of my brothers and sisters at the conference.  So far I have only played one of my songs in public at a coffeehouse, and I always get extra nervous when I do.

Spending time among the brethren is always good.  I enjoyed every minute of this conference, and I hope that everyone else there did as well.  The reason we always go back is because through the teaching, worship, and fellowship, we see Jesus.  In fact, that’s the burden of the song I wrote just before last year’s conference and which I will probably share next year.  Through my brethren at this conference, I see Jesus.

That’s what one of the brothers who taught was teaching about, actually.  People around us should see the Kingdom of God within us.  Personally and as a body of believers.  We do not look for a kingdom in the future, for we have the Kingdom within us now.

How wonderful is that!

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4 Comments on “Bible Conference”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Being nervous is perfectly normal. You’ll get better at handling it as you perform more often, but it’ll never go away completely. You also might be doubly nervous because you’re nervous about introducing your new songs while also being nervous about performing. Maybe you could get your friend to help by performing some of your songs for you.

    • Jenny,

      You’re right, part of the nervousness comes from being nervous both about the performance and the new songs. After last weekend, I feel like I’m finally getting over the performance nerves, however, so now it’s just getting used to singing my own songs in public . . .! 🙂

      The same God who gave me the inspiration to write them can give me the courage to perform them.

      Thanks for the encouragement!

      ~Homeschool Graduate

  2. Elphie Says:

    HG ~

    I’m always nervous before I have to perform, whether a little tiny bit or a whole lot, but I won’t let that stop me from doing so. I know it’s intimidating to put your own material out there, but I truly think I See Jesus is ready. It’s a beautiful song in many ways, you really don’t need to feel nervous about performing it. You should definitely keep performing your songs for the coffeehouse so that you get more comfortable doing so, then you’ll be ready come next year 🙂

    ~ Elphie

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement and advice, Elphie! I’ve really grown to love the song, so I think it’s perfect to do it for everybody next year at the conference.

      ~Homeschool Graduate

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