To Catch A Thought

I had just stretched out in bed the other night, when suddenly inspiration struck.  Not once, but twice.  Now sometimes I would have ignored the thoughts tripping through my brain and tried to go to sleep.  This time I turned on a light and found paper and pencil.  I wrote for about twenty minutes, ending with a decent poem (included below).  Put the pencil and paper back, and turned out the light.

Then I sat there in the dark for a minute thinking.  And inspiration struck again.

I had to get the paper out again and turn on the light.  Another half-hour later, I had yet another poem started, albeit not finished.  I had the rough outline of it, although I’ve gone back and added a couple of stanzas to it since.

I’ve never had poetry interrupt my routine like that before.  Usually I have to be in the right frame of mind, but this time, I’d been watching a TV show, and I wasn’t in the least in a poetry kind of mood when I went upstairs!  I’m not complaining (not with a poem to show for it), but it seemed kind of strange for me.  Then again, maybe I was just harnessing one of those random thoughts that this poem describes!

Shadow Thoughts

In the shadows of my mind
dance random little thoughts
Flitting near my consciousness
like fairies in the dark

Or maybe more like fireflies
which blink and disappear
And leave no sign or trail behind
for me to follow in the night

Random thoughts and fleeting,
glimmers and bright ideas
Small use are they to me right now,
they’re all so very skittish

Perhaps I’ll tame them someday
to pull the cart of intellect
Till then I’m stuck with light bulbs
’cause I can’t reach the stars

~Homeschool Graduate

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2 Comments on “To Catch A Thought”

  1. sheila4hastenhome Says:

    Cute. I like your word-pictures. Don’t we all feel like this sometimes? That thought is in there somewhere! 🙂

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