The Seventh World

Perhaps you have noticed a link in my blogroll to Rachel Starr Thompson’s blog.  Perhaps not.  If you’ve visited her site, you know that she’s a homeschool grad like me, and that she writes books.  I received the first two books in her Seventh World Trilogy for Christmas, and I couldn’t put them down.  I couldn’t wait until the third book came out, and ordered as quickly as I could.  I didn’t read those books.  I devoured them.  Then I started to draft a review to post here on the blog.

And it sat there.

Yes, I had other things to write about.  Yes, I had other things to do with my time (school, volunteering, work, family, church activities – not in order of importance!).  But yes, I should’ve had this review finished a long time ago.  My apologies to Rachel and to all those who have been waiting so long.

So, are you ready to be transported to the Seventh World?

What would you do if an old friend from your past suddenly reappeared on your doorstep, dying, and needed help to complete a dangerous mission?  In Worlds Unseen, Maggie boldly takes on that challenge despite her foster mother’s misgivings.  Aided by a young man who hears voices from across the Seventh World, she must somehow get to Pravik with the ancient scroll for Professor Huss.  Standing in her way are the legions of High Police, but they are not the most frightening beings on her track.  Maggie is challenged to the core as she finds her role in the midst of an uprising led by the gifted Ploughman.

Burning Light picks up where Worlds Unseen leaves off, following Nicholas Fisher as he seeks the River Daughter.  Will he be in time to save his beloved Gypsies from the Emperor?  Meanwhile the healer called Miracle battles the Order of the Spider, and the citizens of Pravik fight to stay alive underground.  The trilogy concludes in Coming Day, in which the Gifted must finally come together to defeat the Blackness in the name of the King, who is returning.

I love fantasy, and Rachel has woven bits and pieces of our own world into this lovely trilogy.  The place names are often half recognizable, and many of the character names are familiar, although just enough of each are completely Seventh Worldly.

The concept of gifts is also one which fascinates me.  While few people have ever been gifted as those in Rachel’s books, I do believe that God gives us extraordinary gifts sometimes.  Most of the examples I could name are prophets or apostles, but I don’t believe that just because we don’t see many miraculous things today, that He has stopped gifting us altogether.  Perhaps most of us just don’t have the faith to use the gifts, and God prefers not to give gifts where they won’t be used and useful.

Do I have a favorite?  Book, no.  I love them all, although I probably enjoyed Coming Day the most.  Character, we-ell, that’s probably Rehtse, although she only figures largely in the last book.  Of course, Maggie probably strikes the deepest chord with me (pun intended), being a singer, but Rehtse strides forward in faith though she is not gifted, which speaks to me on another level.  And of course, I love the little boy called Stray, (also from Coming Day) but that’s a given!

I recommend these books very highly to teens and young adults.

If you want to get a feel for Rachel’s work before ordering, I definitely recommend checking out Taerith, which is completely online and also good.  I read this before buying the trilogy, and loved it.  The only warning I will give is that it is riveting.  I had other work to do when I started it, thinking I would just check out the first chapter or two, but I couldn’t keep from clicking to the next chapter!  Then I got the Seventh World books and loved them more!

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3 Comments on “The Seventh World”

  1. Sister Says:

    Generally I don’t choose fantasy over other genres, for instance historical fiction. But homeschoolgraduate loved the Seventh World so much I decided to give it a try. After a chapter or two the only thing I could think to say was “Wow.” The intensity of images and subtlety of theme and yet clarity of thought — I was impressed. I haven’t gotten to the other two in the series, partly because it takes me a while to digest books so intense and thought-provoking. I also recommend this book (Worlds Unseen) if you’re prepared for a fast, breath-taking ride into places in your mind you didn’t know existed.

    • High praise indeed from the author in my family. I think that Sister’s reaction will only be intensified when she finally gets the chance to read the rest of the trilogy — it only gets better and more gripping the more you read!

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