I’ve been a wallflower kind of person most of my life.  I say most of my life because at times I will mingle and mix just fine in social settings (although I’m still no social butterfly).  Mostly, however, I’m more inclined to stay on the sidelines and watch, or chatter at the poor souls who make the mistake of speaking to me.  Yep.  I’m a shy chatterbox.  Get me going and you’ll wish you hadn’t.  But if you don’t get me going, you might think I’m the quietest person you know.

I’ve had to challenge myself to be more outgoing.  To step out of my comfort zone and go greet that new family at church.  To take the initiative and strike up a conversation with someone sitting near me at a meeting.  It’s not that I’m not friendly.  I’ve gotten plenty of comments about my smile and people don’t seem to be afraid to start conversations with me.  It’s just that I don’t like being the one to initiate the conversation.

Can I do it?  Certainly.   Have done it plenty of times.  Does it get easier each time I do it?  Pretty much.  So for you other wall flowers out there, I encourage you.  Surprise yourself and your friends.  Take the initiative and start a conversation with someone new.  What’s the worst that can happen anyway?  It’s not like they can eat you, really!  In the meantime, here’s a poem I wrote about two wallflowers that you might like.


People talking gaily
but none of them to me
I sit on the sidelines
and watch the causerie*

Soon I spot a fellow
flow’r of the species wall
The relief is great in knowing
I’m not alone at all

We sit apart, but smile
as we catch each other’s eye,
Conversing with our eyebrows
about the folk nearby

The gala whirls onward
and time begins to drag.
I laugh to see my lone friend
act out a sleeping bag.

Then suddenly I look up
to find myself twice lorn:
No longer does that friendly soul
the opposing seat adorn!

My glance around is fruitless
for he’s nowhere to be seen.
My heart falls to my stomach,
and the room starts to careen.

But once again I’m startled
to find a friendly face;
My friend now sits beside me –
I missed his dash from place to place!

My heart is doing double time
as we stumble out ‘hello’s.
Then we catch the giggles
since we’ve no great need of those.

People talking gaily
till late in the p.m.,
But I don’t mind a bit
because I’m one of them

I’m not quite sure what happened,
nor how I made this friend.
I only know that misery
changed to happiness in the end.


*causerie – informal conversation, chatter

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6 Comments on “Wallflower”

  1. Laura(lea) H Says:

    Love it LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!! I may just link to this one… You’re a great poet, and I love reading your poetry!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Lauralea!

      I’ve never thought of myself as a poet, but since sharing some of my poetry, both stuff I wrote in high school and stuff I’ve written recently, I’ve come to realize that God has been gracious enough to let me express some things in poetry that I have a hard time saying in prose.

  2. Sister Says:

    “Shy chatterbox” — yep, that describes you pretty well, homeschoolgraduate.

  3. ashleyC. Says:

    Your poem is so beautiful!

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