The Tale of a Holiday

So, what do you think my family did this Fourth of July?  Had a party, a picnic, or a parade?  Visited family, hung out with friends, or saw fireworks?  Dressed up in red, white, and blue?

Well, I wore a red shirt, and some of the family wore blue, but that’s no more than can be expected any other day.  And no, we did none of the other things.  Unless you count watching fireworks on TV (while playing a game of Scrabble, so the attention was divided).

What did we do instead, you ask?  Something that may not be original to my family, but which is completely in keeping with our track record.  We cleaned.  And we didn’t finish, either.  Mom was supervising 3G and Sister in the basement, which now shows signs of the reorganization which needs to happen everywhere down there.  We have three sections to our basement (thanks to a new section under my grandparent’s apartment), and only one of them is presentable (or close to it anyway) right now.  Dad was also occupied in the basement, mostly tearing apart our stockpile of boxes so it can be reorganized later.

Meantime, I was assigned the cushy job of keeping the laundry moving while cleaning kitchen cupboards.  My crew consisted of myself and the twins under the direction of Mom (don’t you love how moms can supervise multiple jobs at once?  I can’t wait till I get to do that!).  The twins helped empty and refill cupboards, and I cleaned them out in between.  The supervisor came every so often to make decisions about where things were going to be put back, since she had decided to move some things around. . .

By mid afternoon we had finished all these jobs, which left us time to play a round of frisbee in the backyard!

So, what possessed us to ‘reorganize’ instead of entertaining?  Didn’t we want to celebrate our nation’s birthday?  We must be very slack patriots!  Actually, we don’t need a holiday to have fun, and we are good patriots in that we see the next thing that needs doing and we do it.  The reorganizing has been needed for some time, but we had two graduations, plus out-of-state relatives for a week, plus plenty of other little appointments and visits with friends.  Thus, we finally had the time (and a day when our two heavy lifters, Dad and 3G, were off work), to do our reorganizing!

And truth to tell, it strikes me that there are some other people, say like politicians, who could do a little less entertaining and celebrating and a little more cleaning out and reorganizing. . .

Whatever you did yesterday, I hope you had a blessed and

Happy Independence Day.

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2 Comments on “The Tale of a Holiday”

  1. Sister Says:

    Some of us weeded, too. Under the supervision of a bajillion and two bugs.

    Also, we’re not “party people,” so two graduations and relatives a couple times in one month has pretty much partied us out for a while.

    I saw an ant crawling on the driveway and that was as close as I cared to come to having a picnic.

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