Poetry from the Word

My humble apologies for the lack of new posts around here this past couple of weeks.  You knew I had a graduation, but I’ve also had out-of-state family visiting, which has cut down on my writing time.  I’ll try to remedy the situation in the next few days by posting several things that have been on the back burner for some time, but no promises!  In the meantime, here’s a poem I wrote a few weeks ago.

Go, And Sin No More

Living with a burden too heavy to bear,
I was led into sin by a friend
My judges dragged me to the Master’s feet
I was used to bait a trap
Ashamed I stood there, waiting for death
my judges had brought their own stones
The silence grew long and I opened my eyes
for my accusers repeated the query
The Master ignored them and wrote on the ground
how I longed to read that writing
They badgered, insisted, till the Master rose
and gave them an answer unthought of
“Let him without sin cast the first stone”
and again He wrote on the ground
Bracing myself, I had again closed my eyes
but I opened them wide at the thump
The eldest judge had dropped his stone
my wonder was infinite
One by one each judge dropped his missile
and each by turn left the place
Finally none but I was left
so the Master rose once more
“Where are your judges?  Did no one condemn?”
I answered him, “No man, Lord”
Then my life was changed by the words that he spoke
as He gently sent me away
“Neither do I condemn you,” He said
“Go, and sin no more.”

Are you living with sin like a weight in your heart,
that is dragging you down to your death?
Have your friends turned away when you needed them most
and given you up to your fate?
The Master is waiting, forgiveness in hand
if only you’ll seek you will find Him
For He is the Son who can light up your heart
and give you a chance for rebirth


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