Christian Boy Meets Christian Girl – an article from World Magazine

Christians are not like the world when it comes to dating and courtship.  But in-depth interviews reveal a lot of confusion and anxiety among God’s young men and women when it comes to forming relationships and finding a spouse.  Read the whole article.

Susan Olasky writes about the muddle facing Christian young people who want to marry but who also want to save themselves for their future spouse.  The pressure to be sure that “it’s the right girl” makes guys slower about getting to know any girl, and the knowledge that another chance may be a long time in coming makes girls more anxious to make any relationship work.  It’s a lose-lose situation in my book, but we’ll have to wait till the next issue for Susan’s solution!

Everything I read on this subject confirms me in my decision to be friends before courting (not a fan of the dating game).  I believe that it’s important to have friendships with both men and women of all ages as I prepare for marriage.  And I do have friends of all kinds.  People will sometimes look at me, a homeschooler who went to college online and volunteers/works among the elderly, and say I need to get out more.  Genuinely concerned older relatives sometimes worry about the chances of me finding a boyfriend (thanks, but no thanks!).  But I do have friends!  Many of them are not of my own generation and are not marriage candidates, but every friend I have, whether girl or guy, young or old, is teaching me something that will become useful when I am someday married.

As I will be.  Yeah, I know, that’s a pretty strong statement, but I’m just confident in the Lord.  Four years ago He gave me the assurance that marriage was not a “maybe” but a “someday” for me, and I am not going to doubt now.  He’s got my husband picked out for me and me picked out for my husband, so I’m not worrying about the when, how, or who.  I’m busy doing the things He has given me to do right now, preparing for my “someday,” being the best friend I can be to every friend I have, and growing closer to Him.

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  1. […] is the promised Part 2 to the article from the previous issue, “Boy Meets Girl.”  Susan Olasky could have taken several directions in answering the question, “what […]

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