April Blog Update

Okay, so I wrote back in February that I wasn’t positive how long my blog was going to be around, based on changing schedules and a few other things.  Two months later, my perspective has shifted somewhat.

Because while February was a record month (278 visits), March saw even more traffic just halfway into the month (total visits was over 300).  April brought another increase, passing the 400 mark about a week ago.  While I’m not writing for the visits (if I was, I’d be writing on much different topics and would be disappointed with those stats), it’s encouraging to see that people are actually reading what I write.

[note: April’s visits total actually passed the 500 mark after I wrote the post.]

March and April have been crazy months for my family.  With some of us out of town, out of town relatives here, birthday celebrations, braces for the twins, college visits for my sister, and various times of fellowship with friends, we have had a busy time of it.  And it’s not going to slow down now, either.

I’m done with school this week (one last paper to submit tomorrow), and then I’m going to be volunteering more hours at the senior club I’ve been at for a year come June.  And doing some more work around the house, such as spring cleaning and things like that!  3G won’t be home till mid-May, and our younger siblings won’t finish till the last full week of May, but then we get two graduations in June, back to back weekends.  I’ll have finished school four weeks before Sister, but she’ll still graduate a week before me!  Figure that one out.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the poetry I’ve been posting lately.  Several weeks ago I realized that I wasn’t getting enough time to write new posts very often, so I dug through some of my old and new poems to find things you might enjoy when I didn’t have the time to write.  I think I’ve about run out of them now, so we’ll see what kinds of things I find to write about next.

Yep, that means the blog is sticking around!

If you have suggestions, feel free to air them, though I won’t promise to write about them all!  I’m thinking of doing some more reviews of curriculum I’ve used (and fiction books I loved — I have  a review of one of those waiting in my drafts for me to have the time to finish it).  Or perhaps hunting up some more memories of my homeschooling days.  I might even finally get my sister to write a guest post or two!

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