Rose Clothes

Rose Clothes

Each dainty petal,
curled just right
Each thorny stem,
catches the light
Early morning,
morning’s dew
Radiant drops,
brighten the view
Oh beautifully open,
wide in the sun
Oh see the wonder
of that small one
God made each blossom,
wondrous sight
Made each small petal,
wove it so tight
God clothes each flower
He’ll clothe you better
if you will believe.

~Homeschoolgraduate, age 14

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4 Comments on “Rose Clothes”

  1. Laura(lea) H Says:

    Ah! That poem is so right for the picture… rather, the picture is just right for the poem! Naomi has a wonderful gift for photography! Maybe you two could write a poetry-photography book together…and I could write devotionals interspersed. 🙂 (It’s alright to dream, right?!)

    As I browse through your blog, I become more and more impressed. I especially like your poetry.

    • 🙂

      It’s funny you should say that about my poetry . . . half of what I write isn’t any good, and I don’t write it often, but on occasion I do feel like God sends a poem down a sunbeam to my fingers, sometimes bypassing my brain even (as in, I don’t over think what I’m writing!), and then I pen something quite good. In times of strong emotion it’s often easier to write poetry because you can leave so much unsaid or merely hinted at that would have been too hard to say in prose. For instance I wrote a poem when my brother graduated from high school and was going away to college. I’m writing another for my sister as she prepares to graduate.

      The one thing I don’t recall ever writing a poem about is homeschooling. Odd. I’ve written essays about it, but never a poem. I’ll have to change that. Soon!

  2. Laura(lea) H Says:

    I write poetry too, and it is often without thinking. I think some of us were born for writing! 🙂

  3. […] or thoughtless.  All selfish reactions, all of which hurt other people.  And roses also have beautiful flowers.  When Christ works through me, I smile even when it hurts inside, help others when I could use a […]

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