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Whatever State I Am

April 30, 2011

I’ve been following Lea Ann’s blog for some time now, and I’ve enjoyed it very much.  Her “Ask the Grad” series has been a continual source of encouragement.  Now, I have a chance to do something in return.  “Whatever State I Am” is in the running for a blog award, the Top 25 Homeschooling Blogs at Circle of Moms.  Lea Ann’s nowhere near the top right now, but each person can vote for her once each day, and I’m determined add my vote!

I encourage you all to go check out her blog, if you haven’t already done so, and to vote here if you like what you see!


April Blog Update

April 29, 2011

Okay, so I wrote back in February that I wasn’t positive how long my blog was going to be around, based on changing schedules and a few other things.  Two months later, my perspective has shifted somewhat.

Because while February was a record month (278 visits), March saw even more traffic just halfway into the month (total visits was over 300).  April brought another increase, passing the 400 mark about a week ago.  While I’m not writing for the visits (if I was, I’d be writing on much different topics and would be disappointed with those stats), it’s encouraging to see that people are actually reading what I write.

[note: April’s visits total actually passed the 500 mark after I wrote the post.]

March and April have been crazy months for my family.  With some of us out of town, out of town relatives here, birthday celebrations, braces for the twins, college visits for my sister, and various times of fellowship with friends, we have had a busy time of it.  And it’s not going to slow down now, either.

I’m done with school this week (one last paper to submit tomorrow), and then I’m going to be volunteering more hours at the senior club I’ve been at for a year come June.  And doing some more work around the house, such as spring cleaning and things like that!  3G won’t be home till mid-May, and our younger siblings won’t finish till the last full week of May, but then we get two graduations in June, back to back weekends.  I’ll have finished school four weeks before Sister, but she’ll still graduate a week before me!  Figure that one out.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the poetry I’ve been posting lately.  Several weeks ago I realized that I wasn’t getting enough time to write new posts very often, so I dug through some of my old and new poems to find things you might enjoy when I didn’t have the time to write.  I think I’ve about run out of them now, so we’ll see what kinds of things I find to write about next.

Yep, that means the blog is sticking around!

If you have suggestions, feel free to air them, though I won’t promise to write about them all!  I’m thinking of doing some more reviews of curriculum I’ve used (and fiction books I loved — I have  a review of one of those waiting in my drafts for me to have the time to finish it).  Or perhaps hunting up some more memories of my homeschooling days.  I might even finally get my sister to write a guest post or two!

Rose Clothes

April 26, 2011

Rose Clothes

Each dainty petal,
curled just right
Each thorny stem,
catches the light
Early morning,
morning’s dew
Radiant drops,
brighten the view
Oh beautifully open,
wide in the sun
Oh see the wonder
of that small one
God made each blossom,
wondrous sight
Made each small petal,
wove it so tight
God clothes each flower
He’ll clothe you better
if you will believe.

~Homeschoolgraduate, age 14

One (Glorious) Day

April 24, 2011

We sang this song for worship this morning.

This afternoon, I had to go hunting all over YouTube to find the original hymn on which the Casting Crowns version was based!  I remembered the chorus tune from the original, but had forgotten the rest.  It’s been a long time since I heard it!  I found only a few videos of the original hymn, but I found this video, which was beautiful.  Although the singing is in Korean, the power of the music wonderful.  Funny how the best songs sing in any language …

I also loved this pianist and arrangement, so I had to share it too.

Personally, I much prefer the original hymn to the Casting Crowns version (sorry guys), but that’s par for the course with me!

Have a Blessed Resurrection Sunday!

Beyond All Comprehension

April 24, 2011

Beyond all comprehension
A fearsome god is he
He makes the winds obey him
And stills the mighty sea

All his works, we cannot see
At once, for they are great
Our works make a short list
His archives, infinite

His glory lasts forever
His creations, long
The first man’s work has vanished
Ours too will soon be gone

We turn to him and pray,
“Oh Lord, save us today,
For all we do can’t help us
On your judgment day”

Are You a Woman Worth Waiting For?

April 16, 2011

While we wait for one of those Few Good Men, we young women can be preparing ourselves such that our good man will not be disappointed when God tells him we’re the one.  If we want a Christ-centered man for a husband, we’ll be much more attractive to him (as well as more willing to wait) if we are Christ-centered ourselves.  Now, I can hear you saying to yourselves, sure, that sounds wonderful/makes sense/is great, but what does it look like?

Good question!  I’ll try to answer it, but I’ll warn you that I am still working through this myself, and am therefore not able to give you advice from the sage perspective of someone who has moved beyond to a new stage of life and is able to reflect on their mistakes and successes.  Actually, the best people to ask for advice are probably those who have children who are in their late twenties and thirties!

The first aspect of Christ-centered singlehood I’ll mention is Focus. In I Corinthians 7, Paul encourages singles to stay single because those that are unmarried are able to focus on the things of the Lord and pleasing Him, while married men and women care about how to please their spouses (which is also God honoring, by the way, but in a different way).  I wonder if what Paul was getting at was less that Christians should be celibate, and more that they should not rush into marriage.  In that culture, women had virtually no other prospects than getting married, so they and their parents tended to push for marriage as soon as possible.

Today, we face a different trend.  People are getting married later.  On the other hand, they’re not waiting for marriage patiently.  I can’t believe the ages at which girls start having boyfriends.  Since I believe that people shouldn’t enter a courtship or dating relationship until they are prepared and ready for marriage, seeing 13-year-olds walking around holding hands is ridiculous as well as saddening.  There are plenty of resources out there which talk about the reasons why teenagers are not ready to choose a spouse, and I won’t repeat them all here.  Suffice it to say that I fly in the face of the trends, being twenty-two and never having had a boyfriend or gone on a date!

Because I do not have the distraction of a boyfriend, I am able to give much more attention to my schooling, work, and volunteering.  Because I am not constantly going out or having a boyfriend over, I am able to spend quality time with my family.  Because I do not have a boyfriend monopolizing my attention, I am able to be friends with a variety of people, young, old, guys, girls, married, and single, and spend time getting to know them.  Christ is able to use me in all these arenas to further the kingdom, and because I am focused on Him, He can use me more fully than if half my brain was thinking about a boyfriend.

And honestly, I’m betting most Godly young men will find this appealing.  Might they wish it was easier to get you to pay attention to them?  Perhaps, but only till they realize that your ability to focus is a good recommendation for a faithful wife.  Also, many of them will probably feel more comfortable being friends if they know that you aren’t sitting there wondering how long it will take them to ask you out!

Secondly, Christ-centered singlehood is a time for Preparation.  I mentioned earlier that girls and guys should be prepared for actual marriage before they tackle anything more than friendship.  For us girls, that means being ready to run a household.  Can you cook?  I mean more than pulling packaged meals out of the freezer.  Having at least a week’s worth of meals that you can cook without help on short notice would go a long way toward making those first few months of marriage smooth!  How about cleaning?  Do you know how to do a complete spring cleaning?  Are you prepared to manage your money?  This one may not become necessary because in some families the husband takes responsibility for budgeting, but I think it’s a good idea for us girls to know how.  Other skills like sewing, mending, and baby-tending are also good to have (although they might be considered extras in some families), and I’m sure there are more things some parents would recommend that young women know before marriage.   I encourage all young women to go to their parents and ask them what things they should be learning in order to be prepared for marriage.

A woman who is focused on Christ and preparing herself to be a good wife will exhibit many other characteristics, but these two things are a good start.  What other things do you consider characteristic of a Woman Worth Waiting For?

Guys’ and girls’ input welcome!

Help, Hope, Home

April 14, 2011

Help, Hope, Home

Helpless                                                                                                               Helpful
Standing on the sidelines                                                  On a mission showing
watching your team lose                                                        others of the truth.
the game of life.                                                          Helping fallen brothers up.
Seeing years of hard work                                            Teaching them the way.
vanish suddenly.

Hopeless                                                                                                              Hopeful
Looking toward the future                                                Wondrous sights play
with nothing good in sight.                                            across your mind’s eye
Nothing that you do                                                             when you look ahead,
will make eternal difference.                             for Life has conquered Death.

Homeless                                                                                                    Home Awaits
Nowhere to say you’re going.                                                  Beyond the clouds
No place you feel at rest.                                                        He reigns, and when
Nothing is familiar.                                                                 the battle here is won
All is strange.                                                                          we shall join him there.

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