Have you ever watched wind blowing through the trees?  My home is on high ground, where the wind is constantly blowing, and can be quite strong sometimes.  When the wind gets to blowing, some of the trees around really whip their branches around!

Have you ever compared yourself to a tree?  Life is blowing past you, and when we’re young (physically or spiritually), it’s often easy to be bent by the wind.  Even trees with strong bark, however, can be swayed by very strong winds, and sometimes these are the most vulnerable trees to being blown over.

Of course, spiritually, we need to be pliable to the Spirit’s blowing, and bend wherever he wants us.  This because we know that the Spirit will never blow us in the wrong direction, but will always be helping us to grow toward the Son.

What kind of tree are you?

Trees, trees, blow in the breeze
Bending low to touch their knees.
Trees, trees, blow in the gale
Who once were young, hearty, and hale.
Trees, trees, blow in the wind
Wishing it was more disciplined!

~Homeschoolgraduate, age 14

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