Graduating (again)

It seems like just last year, but my highschool graduation is now four years ago, and I’m getting ready to graduate again.  I have a feeling my college graduation will be much, much different.  The last time I graduated, I was looking ahead to college, scholarship in hand and course of study known.  Four years later, I have found my niche in eldercare administrative work, but now I’ll be looking for a full-time job.

From all I hear, finding a job is not very easy right now.  Okay, so that’s an understatement, but I’m also hearing that the job market is looking better.  Better.  That’s a very relative term.  Actually, I’ve seen plenty of job listings in the health and human service arena in my area.  Mostly for HHAs, CNAs, or RNs, however, which doesn’t help me in the least.  I chose not to go into nursing for a very good reason!

So needless to say I’m a smidge anxious about getting a job.  I know other people who’ve been out of college a year without finding a job.  Of course, I do have a part-time job already, but that’s not likely to turn into a full-time position due to financial issues.  The hope is that my contacts at the senior club will help me find another place where I can do similar work.

Rereading that last paragraph, I realize that I already have the answer to my worries.  While I haven’t been stressing out over the job search (which I’ve only been working at sporadically anyway), I have certainly been concerned about what I’ll do if I can’t find something quickly.  But that’s not necessary at all.

As I’m sure you’ve already been saying to yourself, our God knows all about it, and He has a job all ready for me when I graduate.  Even if it’s not what I’m looking for, I know whatever job God gives me will be perfect because He chose it.  And because I know that He is in control, I don’t have to worry about where that job will be.

Does that mean I won’t be searching too hard, just waiting for God to land the job in my lap?  Of course not.  He’s probably going to teach me something through the search process.  I’ve not had to do much “shopping around” of this sort before.  We sent inquiries to a couple of colleges, but I only seriously investigated Empire State College.  My current job came as a result of volunteering for six months.  I had a recommendation from a woman at my previous job that I might try volunteering there.  Pretty much, my path has been led by recommendations and suggestions of people I knew.  My first volunteering position was at a nursing home where a friend worked.  My first job was at a local farm run by a family my parents had known from a previous church (when I was knee-high to a grasshopper).  So God probably has something to show me through a job hunt, and I’m not going to sit around and wait for it to knock on my door.

At the same time, I can rest safely in the knowledge that God is working everything out.  And in the meantime, I have plenty of college papers to keep me busy!  I’d like to share a poem I wrote four years ago that still rings true in its essentials.  I shared it around graduation time last year, but it’s very pertinent to this post.

Not Alone

Adulthood breathing down her neck
her relatives look on
a hundred choices must she make
they rest with her alone

The pressure is so very great
so many watching eyes
advice pours in and inundates
she takes a walk – alone

The fields around her lend their peace
she doesn’t travel far
her spirit gently reminds her that
she need not go alone

In the world of adult scares
Jesus will care for her
He will be with her through all cares
she will not be alone


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