‘Tis the Season to be Singing

In my book, it is always a season for singing, but Christmas time just doubles my vocalizing for some inexplicable reason ;)!

I’ve always loved Christmas songs, especially carols.  I remember the excitement of my first years as part of our church Christmas plays, pageants, or choirs.  Some years we had a play based around Christmas, and I sometimes got to act, which I also enjoyed, but I loved the years we had a choir.

Standing on stage for the performance looked nothing like all the rehearsals.  For one thing, rehearsals tended to be during the day, while performances were in the evening.  Speaking or singing to a darkened sanctuary sent a tingly feeling up my spine.  And then there were people out there!  Sure, I knew there would be people, but the size of my church never came home so dramatically as when I got up to perform in front of a couple hundred eyes.

I still have fond memories of the first solos I sang for Christmas.  One year, I sang “Away in a Manger” as a trio, but the next year, they chose a different girl to sing with the two sisters I had performed with previously.  I was then asked to sing a verse of “O Come, All Ye Faithful” all by myself.  After being disappointed in not getting to sing in the trio again, I was floored and a bit nervous to get a whole solo!  Later, I was also asked to sing a trio with my two siblings.  While I wasn’t that much of a singer back then, I meant what I sang, and I did my best, two things which cover a multitude of wrong notes or mistakes.

I’ve sung solos in each church after that, sometimes in Christmas cantatas, sometimes in Easter cantatas, and sometimes just for fun.  My favorites, however, are the Christmas songs.  I didn’t think of singing Twila Paris‘s “It’s the Thought” until much too late to pull it together this year, but maybe next year I’ll have the time.  For this year, my solo in the Christmas cantata is enough.

Although carols are my favorite, there are a select few other Christmas songs I like.  Bing Crosby’s version of “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” is fabulous, and I was caught by something in an old rendition of “Silver Bells” that I like.  I’ve even gotten to like “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” after seeing the Fred Astaire movie of that name.  Of course, my favorite modern Christmas song is Mark Lowry‘s “Mary, Did You Know?”  That’s because my father sings it most years, and although he doesn’t sing it like Lowry, his version is as good or better!

Christmas time is a great time to sing because the songs of Christmas revolve around . . . you guessed it, Christ!  I can’t imagine anything better to sing about than God’s gift to mankind.  Sure, there are a lot of parts to that gift, from the manger to the empty grave.  I love to sing about them all, but as I like to say, my favorite song is the one I’m singing right now!

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