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After reading about Catherine Jaime on Lea Ann’s blog, “Whatever State I Am,” I had to come recommend that you check out both the post about Catherine’s book and the website.  Catherine is giving away a free copy of Organized Ramblings to readers of Lea Ann’s blog, so go check it out.  Catherine Jaime is a homeschooling mother of 12, and she founded Creative Learning Connection, which seems to be a great resource for homeschoolers, and has also written other materials for homeschoolers.

In connection with this, you may also note that I have added a link to Creative Learning Connection in my resources section of the sidebar and to the homeschooling links menu in the footer.  I’m in the process of adding more to these sections, but it’s slow going while working on final papers for the fall semester!  Thanks for your patience.

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One Comment on “Creative Learning Connection”

  1. Thanks for mentioning Catherine Jaime’s great book and exciting giveaway!

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