Summer Vacation: Good for a Season

Summer vacation will be ending in a month or so.  Are you syked for the new school year?  I always was!  As a young girl in elementary, I was surprised to find that many of my friends (homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers) didn’t get excited about going back to school.  Granted, some of them did like school.  Often those kids were ones who only saw their friends at school.  I’ve only known a few kids who liked going back to school because they wanted to learn.  I think the rest mostly prefered the lazy days of summertime.

Summer was full of fun stuff like swimming, playing all kinds of games outside, ice cream cones, family trips and getting together with friends.  Oh, and don’t forget the relatives!  They came by twos and half dozens in general, and we would do plenty of catching up and showing off how much we’d grown.  I got lots of projects done over the summer and read loads of books.  Some years, I remember feeling like our summer vacations flew by.  Okay.  Correction.  Most years.

Summer vacation was great fun, but when school started up again, I was ready for a change.  I liked routine, and I enjoyed learning.  Although at the beginning of summer I was often tired of lessons and ready for a break, by the time late August or early September rolls around, I was ready to start school again.

It’s not like we stopped learning during the summer.  As I said, I read a lot of books over the summer and we still had long lunch conversations.  The break was not from learning, but from formal academic work, textbooks, and quizzes.  By the end of summer, however, I’d usually had enough of laziness and was ready to plunge into the school time routine.

I had a very long summer after highschool graduation.   I had missed the deadline for the September term at my college, so I was bumped into the November term (both count as being in the Fall semester).  Actually, that later start date was a blessing in disguise since we were also building an addition on our house for my grandparents.  Mom was busy handling a lot of things with that project, so I got to help with laundry and meals a lot more than usual.  I also started volunteering at a local nursing home once a week, which gave me something extra to do.  Still, it felt very odd not to be doing school work while everyone else was.

I’m a senior this year, finishing up my BA in Human Services.  Every once in a while I let myself think that far ahead and realize that I won’t get summer vacations anymore.  I’ve been working part-time, which is preparing me a little for the transition.  After I graduate this time, I’ll be looking at finding a full-time position or maybe a second part-time one.  Summer vacations will essentially disappear.

I am glad to have had summer vacations.  They helped get me ready to start another year of schoolwork.  I think, however, that I’m almost ready to give them up.  I’d better be, since this will be my last!  School and summer vacations are good while they last, but I can’t wait to see what good things I will find as I enter a new stage of life.

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