Farewell, But Not Forever

Several weeks ago, I was saddened to learn that Sono Harris, homeschooling pioneer and mother of Alex & Brett Harris (of The Rebelution), Josh Harris (author of several books on courtship and a pastor in Maryland), and five other children, had been diagnosed with cancer. I’ve been watching the story of her illness unfold in the words of her sons here, here, and here.  Today, I learned that she has, in the word of an old friend of mine, “graduated” and gone to be with Jesus. (Read the post here.)  While I extend my sympathy for the loss that I’m sure the Harris family will be feeling for some time, I also rejoice with them in the knowledge that she will be waiting to greet us all when our time on earth is done.

Since we know that “the dead in Christ shall rise first,” (1 Thessalonians 4:16b), we can indeed rejoice that she has left this world of pain. How desolate those who have not this promise must feel when their loved ones pass on.  As a Christian, I can say with assurance that I will see Sono Harris in heaven, though I never met her on earth.  Though her work on earth is finished, her legacy and her influence will live on in her husband, children, grandchildren, and in every other person with whom she came in contact.  I hope that I can someday leave this world as peacefully and joyfully.

God bless you, Harris family, for the work you all do for the Master.

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