From my Diary: Not Alone

I went to a graduation party last Sunday.  In the midst of the fun, food, and fellowship, I felt a nudge in my mind.  I didn’t pay attention then, but later I realized that I’d been hit with the realization of how big a change your college graduation can make. 

I am graduating next year, and the thought is a little daunting at times.  I’ve learned through my course work not to worry too much about the final assignments because by the time I get to them, they don’t seem so huge.  I’ve also learned that God directs in his time and not mine, but . . . I still get a little tiny bit apprehensive when I think about what comes after graduation.

I remember feeling almost the same way in my senior year of highschool.  Oh, I knew I wanted to go to college, and I also knew that I was going to do college online.  But I had so many other things undecided, like my major, what I was going to do that summer, whether I wanted to look for a job or find somewhere to volunteer, what I wanted to do when I finished college.

Obviously I’ve answered some of those questions, and some are still hanging around even now, so they couldn’t have been quite as big as they seemed at the time. 

In the midst of working through my highschool questions, I wrote a poem to get some of my feelings down on paper.  I found it again today and had to smile because it kind of fits again.  I may not have relatives giving me advice, but they and my friends and church family certainly want to know what my plans are — which can be almost as bad since I’m still so vague as I wait for God’s leading.

Maybe you’re graduating this year, or next, or the year after that.  Maybe it’s a long way off for you.  Maybe you’ve already come through graduation and have moved on, but you have a new kind of choice to make.  Here’s the poem I wrote; maybe it will strike a chord with you too.

Not Alone

Adulthood breathing down her neck
her relatives look on
a hundred choices must she make
they rest with her alone

The pressure is so very great
so many watching eyes
advice pours in and inundates
she takes a walk – alone 

The fields around her lend their peace
she doesn’t travel far
her spirit gently reminds her that
she need not go alone

In the world of adult scares
Jesus will care for her
He will be with her through all cares
she will not be alone


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