Thoughts about Turning 21

Add to the list of been there, done that.  I turned 21 several months ago, and if I had not already experienced a feeling of just another (birth)day with earlier milestones, I might have been disappointed.

When I turned 16, for instance, I did not immediately start acting more grown up.  Nor did I do most of the things normal 16 year olds do, like get my license/permit or at least have a big party.  I didn’t have a huge breakthrough at 18, either.  I had some deep heart searchings about that time, but it wouldn’t have been noticeable in my outward life yet.  I was learning that we do not grow up overnight.  That’s the work of years.  Still, I could definitely see growth by the time I reached that 21st birthday I had recently.

But a blog post I read recently made me stop and think again on a topic that has come up several times in recent years.  Agent Tim’s handling of the subject was fresh, however, and provided a much needed reminder for me.  Do I have to be grown up in order to do something for Christ?  What would I be taking to God if I were to die today?  Is it enough that I turned my life over to him as a child?  What have I done for him that will stand in the last day?  Do I have more than wood, hay, or stubble?

I’ve not risked my life, my health, my pride, my anything for the cause of Christ.  I’m not out preaching salvation to a world of lost sinners every week, nor am I regularly supporting even one great cause.  So what can I lay at the Master’s feet?  The question gets easier to answer because I realize that not every Christian is called to a missionary’s life.  God does not call us all to preach on the streets, reach out to the masses, or run a charity.  No, he also uses some that I might title “stay-at-home” Christians.

These are the people who live their lives like “normal” people, going to work every weekday, attending church on Sundays, playing games with the kids in the backyard, having friends over for dinner, and otherwise living like any other average family.  But they do it for God’s glory, cheerfully going about their business as if it was (as it is) his business.  Theirs is not a showy ministry, but they reach the people around them nonetheless.  Their whole lives are a witness to those who come in contact with them.

I am learning that God’s greatest desire is not for me to be doing his work, but to be knowing him – and through knowing him, I will do his work.  It probably won’t look spectacular, but did Christ himself look spectacular as he worked with Joseph in the carpenter’s shop?  How about after tramping the hills of Gallilee all day long?  I think we can focus too much on doing things that are visible, things that others can compliment us on.  Christ told the two blind men in Matthew 9, “see that you tell no man.”  Should we need more recognition than that of God for the little things we do in Christ’s name?

As I ponder further, another thought surfaces.  Are any of the things we do really worthy to be laid at his feet?  What makes anything we do worthwhile?  The answer is doing it for him, in his strength, in his way.  In that sense, I hope we can all bring something to lay at his feet, and once we’ve laid it there, forget.  Forget it because, we will be looking into our Savior’s face.  Much as we reverence the feet that walked the hill they call Golgotha, greater still is the face that looked upon our sinful selves and did not leave us to perish.

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