Stories of my Sister

How do you describe a sister?  I think it’s tough to find words to sum up a sister’s being and personality in a simple sentence.  It takes a book to do a sister justice.  Especially one as talented as mine.  Actually, it’s funny that I should say it takes a book to describe her since stories are what have bound us closest over the years.

As small girls, we used to play with our Barbies together, telling stories the whole time.  Because I was a bookworm (still am), we grew very sophisticated in our plots while still very young.  I liked to copy and modify the stories I had read, and my sister has always had to smile when she finally read a book which I had used as the basis for one of our “playings,” as we called them.  Depending on what we were studying in history, we might also imagine our dolls to be spies in the Revolution, Underground Railroad engineers in the Civil War, immigrants from a multitude of countries, Native Americans, pioneers, or cowboys.

The best part was that we got to change the story as we went along.  I would try three or four times before I got one character’s lines right, and Sister would sit there grinning the while.  I am afraid that I dominated the stories most of the time, but that was partly because my sister is four years younger.  When we started, I had read more, knew more, and had the better ideas.

That changed several years ago.  We were getting too old really to be playing with dolls anymore, but neither of us wanted to give it up, especially Sister.  I had been trying to quit since I reached my teens, since I entered highschool, and since I turned sixteen, but it was hard when my sister was four years younger and still wanted the sister time.  It was a favorite pastime of mine as well since I got to imagine all kinds of stories and pretend to myself that I was the heroine.

Then my mother had us write a play together for part of our schoolwork.  She got a book called Create-a-Drama, and we worked our way through it to write a melodrama.  This experience was eye opening, as we finally put one of our stories down in black and white.  I had joked about tape recording our playings sometimes, but never did anything about it.  This story, however, would last.

Since I held the pencil and did the actual writing, my fingerprints are most obvious in the finished result.  Also since I was the older, I overruled some of my sister’s objections to my style.  For instance, I wrote out much of the dialect for this mid-western set of characters, and she did not like all the apostrophes and the weird spellings that resulted.  I grudgingly let her fix some of them when she typed them into the computer, but dug in fiercely about taking all the twang out of the script.  You see, I expected people to read the story because I did not expect that we would ever actually perform it as a play or radio-play.

Still, my sister did have some input, and most of it was good.  Our creation passed muster with my mother, and we were brave enough to show it to a few people, who enjoyed seeing this product of our creativity.  Since then, we have begun collaborating on another story (about an actor, of all things), but this endeavor is taking longer since we have to fit it in around our school work, my job and volunteering schedules, and all the other things going on with our family.

In the meantime, we like to spend time chattering about everything under the sun when we are supposed to be doing something else.  We both have said that we cannot walk into the other’s room to ask them a question without it ending up in a half-hour (at least) conversation.  Still, we cannot complain.  After all, it could be worse.  We could each be stuck with a sister we could not stand!

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One Comment on “Stories of my Sister”

  1. slever65 Says:

    I have a sister and three brothers and my sister is younger too. Well, you are so close with her and we did things together but not like you. We are closer now because we understand each other better. I had a strong personality and my sister wanted to do her own thing. My sister moved to Florida from Long Island about 17 years ago and it’s hard because sometimes I miss the singing together and stories we can sit for hours. It’s great that you both played with dolls as it has become something so the connection will always be there.

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