My Preference in Christian Music

I grew up with hymns in church; that was almost the only Christian music I knew, although I’ve heard quite a bit of Keith Green, Twila Paris, Phil Keaggy, and Randy Stonehill. I remember hearing a lot of Twila in particular.

On the whole, however, I did not hear much contemporary stuff, though I’ve picked up a few names of a few singers and bands. When my family recently began attending a new fellowship with contemporary music, I got a little bit of a culture shock.

Over the last six to eight months, I’ve gotten used to the new music, though it’s not my choice of relaxing listening material and it’s not what I choose to sing around the house. I prefer hymns and older choruses that have doctrine worked into the text. Most of today’s music seems to be worship or praise choruses, and not only are the lyrics a bit hard to follow sometimes, but the tunes begin to sound alike after awhile. Granted, that theoretically makes it easier to pick up and sing a new song, but I like something a bit more distinctive – music that will stick in my head.

I’m not saying that contemporary Christian music is bad. Just that most of it does not fill my requirements. Twila Paris remains one of my favorite singers (granted, she’s more my parents’ contemporary than mine). I’ve learned a few new songs that I do like. For instance, one of Jeremy Camp’s called “Beautiful One.” I used that to make another Animoto, which can be seen here, BEAUTIFUL.

I guess I’m going to be slow to abandon the old favorites: “I’ll Fly Away,” “There Is A Redeemer,” “Lion of Judah,” “Wonderful Grace of Jesus,” “Stand up, Stand up for Jesus,” “This World is Not My Home,” “Create in me a Clean Heart,” “Be Thou My Vision,” “Spring Up, O Well,” “The Lily of the Valley,” and many more. They’re also great done in Smoky Mountain Style.

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One Comment on “My Preference in Christian Music”

  1. Kyle Says:

    It is difficult to adjust to a new genre of music, especially if you are used to hearing only a few (as I was growing up). It’s that same cliche they use in the movies whenever two people with different backgrounds come alongside and work together. Invariable there is a scene where they are both in a car, and deciding what to listen to on the radio. Rap music starts playing. One loves it, the other changes it. To country music.

    In my opinion, the best way to appreciate a new genre is to gradually listen to it more often – don’t abandon your favorites, but soon enough you’ll have some new favorites in your list.

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