Butterflies again

I made some changes and sent my video through Animoto again.  Which version do you prefer?

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4 Comments on “Butterflies again”

  1. Jennifer Whittaker Says:

    I like this one better. It seems more concise. Great pictures by the way! You are definitely better with a camera that I am. I had to Photoshop so many of my pictures it was not funny, and they still are not perfect!

  2. l.d. tayor Says:

    I agree, this one flows better. Great subject matter. Did you see the picture of Jason with the butterfly on his head?

  3. Kyle Stone Says:

    This one definitely went to the music better. I especially liked the part where they were emerging from the chrysalis. The funniest part was when you mentioned they ate too much and got a stomach ache, and then you see the one poor guy all twisted up, and then the next words were “We liked to watch them” – liked to watch them?! Writhing in pain?! Oh… “turn into a chrysalis.” Well, that’s better.

  4. Thanks for the great feedback everybody!

    Jenn, admittedly, most of the photos were taken by my mom. I actually make a few appearances as a “stage hand” if I may call myself so. I am working on a second video with photos I took myself, but have yet to find music that fits…I might eventually have to make my own.

    Laura, I watched part of Jason’s video, but it would not load all the way for me, and I have not yet gone back to finish it. This I have to see.

    Lol, Kyle! I did not notice that rather humorous transition, since in my head I have changed topics after the stomach ache picture. I am going to have to go over all future productions with a fine tooth comb so as not to do that again…

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