School at Home – Beyond Highschool

So, after thirteen years of homeschooling, I graduated and went to college.

At home.

Really! Believe it or not, I did not want to leave home in the least, so when I was college hunting, I only considered schools where I could get my degree completely online. It did not hurt, of course, that college online was significantly cheaper than college on campus, or that I would be saving the commuting time and fares I might have spent going to a local college (none of them appealed to me anyway). Only half a dozen colleges offered bachelor degrees completely online in 2007, so I did not have too many options.

Mom and I requested information from three or four of the possibilities. One in Connecticut sent a letter back indicating that their program would not suit me. Or did they really mean that I was not good enough for them? Talk about a door slammed in your face!

I did find a good fit, despite having few choices. Often a small selection means choosing something that does not quite fit what you want, but which fits better than the others. Empire State College fit what I wanted, right down to its policy of having students personally craft their own degree programs. Since I still had only vague notions of what I wanted to study, this gave me the flexibility to incorporate courses for which I might not have had the time at a traditional college with stricter requirements.

I applied, and waited semi-patiently until I heard that I had been accepted. It helped that I had other family matters to keep me busy. Finally, I got the word that I had been accepted for the November term. Of course, Mom and I were surprised that I had not made it into the September term, but when we realized that my school district had been a little slow with their letter . . . well, at least I was accepted! I could always get back on the normal schedule in my sophomore year. Besides, my mother was pre-occupied that autumn with a family project, so having me relatively free to help out with both the homeschooling and the housework was a blessing.

I was nervous, of course, when I logged into my courses for the first time in November, but as the semester progressed, I felt more comfortable. The course work, while not easy, was not hard either, and I quickly proved to be more vocal in online discussions than I had ever been when interacting with relative strangers in person.

That was 2 ½ years ago.

I am a junior now, rounding the far turn and almost in the homestretch. So, after 2 ½ years of college online, am I glad I stayed home? Let the answer resound across homeschooldom.   YES!

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